Refused - Burn

How does it feel to burn? Drowning in self pity, convulsing in self hate. All your life's revolving around your fate. Lost and confused. Who to believe? Commercial gods shows us the way to be. You've got it all but what do you really gain? Just mindless consumption to numb your brain. You've got it all but what have you really got? Just obsessive thoughts that will make your brain rot. Time, time, time passes by as you live your life in those foolish lies. Try to find happiness in eating, watching, buying. While time is ticking and flying. I said time passes by while as in quicksand you keep sinking down. In your search for joy you can no longer hide cause happiness is just happiness when you are happy inside. How does it feel to burn? A materialistic world, a world based on greed. Were personal pleasure are decided by others need. Feed from the start the ideal life to get. You're trying so hard but you ain't found nothing yet. We all need a fluid to keep us warm inside but we don't need those things to hide behind. Happiness is an emotion, it's not an object. But you're too insecure to face the fact. How does it fell to: