Paul Wall - I Grind

[Paul Wall Intro]
I get up early and get it before the crack of dawn
And I'm still out when the sun set getting my hustle on
I'm grinding all day long to keep my paper long
I got my mind on paper chasing, my focus strong

Mind elevated, so my game is upgraded
Now its money in the pocketk all day like tom brady
And even when the weather outside gets cold
Ima stay on patrole to keep my bill fold swoll

[Chorus: Marty James]
Even when its cold outside, the sun got gutter
by the clouds in the sky, it stay hot like summer
I grind .... ooohhh ...
I still grind ... yeaaaahh...

Even when the well runs dry, I see my struggle
Aint a day go by, that I don't hustle
I grind .... ooohhh ...
I still grind ... yeaaaahh...

[Verse 1]
The oven doors shut, but I still smell cake
The stench is too high, I aint pumping my brakes
The paper is so large, it can change a man's faith
I with David Taylor every year changing the plates

See I wake up extra early just to bleed these streets
From Gut bank to Debrees tell em to gimme a piece
I got the bricks up on my tail just to fall in love
But we just whip em and toss em up like a ticket stub

They say money cant buy me love and that's true
But money can buy me drugs so I'm cool
10 dollars can buy the clipse slugs for these tools
that'll cock, and ready to let loose on these fools

[Chorus: Marty James]

[Paul Wall Insert]
Gotta get this money baby, all day – all night
I'm breaking this bread, I'm stacking up this paper
Feel that, know what I'm talking about
Ima go getta

[Verse 2: Paul Wall]
My money makes money my stocks are tripling
So I'm moving this paper like Dougie and Nicholas
Addicted to the hustle so the bread coming fast
I'm connected all across the state like Comcast

I bleeding I-10 like a gunshot wound
So I can knock off new beemer, that's gon come out next june
I aint slept in bout a week so I'm high as the moon
I'm trying to make sure my money pile up like sand dune

[Chorus: Marty James]

Man I'm holding on, Man I'm holding on
I'm gon do it, I'm gon win it
Man I'm holding on, Man I'm holding on
I'm gon do it, I'm gon win it, again!

[Chorus: Marty James]