Lovex - Divine Insanity

Dying smiling faces, I
I see tears in joyful eyes
Silent screams carrying the sounds of bliss

There is no leap of faith
The choice ain't yours to make
For your mind can't own the purpose of soul

Under the ground I fly
To hide from the brilliant sky
Under my armor I cry

Doing it for the one who saved your life, I've done it all
Doing it for the one who stole your life
It all comes down, it all blows up
When I love the most I lose my touch
When I live the most I've already given up

Divine insanity
Sweetness in brutality
Chaos in the cradle of lost reality

I gave up everything
To find the soul within
Only to see the wonders of Nothing

Divine insanity
How it all could be
How it all should be