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Lord - Under The Spell Of The Diabolical Sorcerer

Diabolical sorcerer, open the grave
Diabolical sorcerer, draw the magic circle
Diabolical sorcerer, unearth the dead

Ravens clouding the woods
Filling up the air with lugubrious melodies
The forest is all darkness
Only one dreadful red light
Showing the eyes of Hell
Devilish litanies coming uo and down
Sometimes with laughs, sometimes with tears
The ravens are cawing, annoucing the beginning
of the ceremony

"By the mysteries of death, by the light of Lucifer
I conjure you, Spirit of Hell, to arise
By the agonies of the damned, I conjure you to answer
My demands and obey me, in pain and everlasting torment
In the name of all the powers of Hell"

Diabolical sorcerer, now you're satisfied
Diabolical sorcerer, give the reward
Diabolical sorcerer, let them burn
to ashes and rest for eternity