Liquido - Stay With Me

If you want a lover (who'll) make you feel unbroken, yeah
if you want a brother (who'll) make you feel like at home
home yeah-hay
here's my devotion
'till it's over, over baby

if you want a short man i would get my hair cut, cut
and if you want less than other girl, I'll be moving backwards
backwards yeah-hey
here's my confession 'till it's over, over yeah-hay

Stay with me my darling stay with me
'till it's over, over, over, over
yeah-heh-hay 2x

If i had the patience to build you up a fortress
or if i had devotion I'd off to set a shooting star
shooting star
cuz i would do it by perfection
'till it's over over yeah-hay



stay with me...stay with me... (over)...stay with me..
(ooh..stay)...stay with me....