Lil Boosie - What I Learned From The Streets

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie]
Ok this what I learned from the streets
Handle your beef
Your playing with keys
Sleep with your heat
Your a role model if partner gotta be me
All hoes ain't sweet, they messing
Everything happens for a reason but they all lessons
If u stressed then pick your head up, nigga,
Get your bread up, nigga,
If your scared, scared niggas get they head bust
I make u catch a heart attack, in starter hats
Just left downtown I got my 40 back
A situation started, nigga I'm never smiling
Beast mode until they take me, got that from mobbing
Any nigga who watch u up and down want something you got
Why my enemies iffing me got that from pop
If I flop then it's back to selling blocks
Back to telling niggas they can't hustle in my spot, off the top
My daddy raised me to hate a cop
So all my motherfuckin life, I hated cops
Cam rich told me niggas change when u give them blocks
Nigga told me when I ride better keep it cocked

This what I learned from the streets
Keep it real lil nigga
Keep your steel lil nigga
Fuck these hoes lil nigga
Forgot your roles lil nigga
This what I learned from the streets
Watch your back lil nigga
Keep it strapped lil nigga
You lil axe lil nigga
A real gutter nigga and your nuts a lil bigga

[Verse 2: Lil Boosie]
People rose around me
Money is money so concentrate when u count it
Every nigga who bounce ain't no gangsta ass nigga
And I learned that from richas
Spoil all the dopefiends
I learned that from pitchas
Fred city show me how to roll that killa
Big loton show me how to come with rhythm
Ever since then I've been the sickest in the system
Dunking down on jacobs took me on my first mission
I jumped out bustin fuck it u ain't saying nuthin
Ivy showed me how to cook it up and get it hard
Put me on this jewelry shit I miss my boy
Look, no matter how good you treat em
That dope will make em do evil learn that from that clown jeefers
These nigga turning on they own people
These niggas devils out here


[Verse 3: Shell]
The streets told me boy gutter keep that thang on ya
And fuck your friends cause most niggas still change on ya
These streets cold so u gotta keep that heater close
Might be your boy that's tryin burn u, dog u never know
Man look these hoes ain't no better they be vulchers too
I crossed one of those niggas and I ain't crossing u
Just keep it G and have some game like the bosses do
Know u the shit but homie keep em flies off of you
Keep your mouth all open shut when people talk to you
U don't know shit no matter how much time they offer you
Don't stop until u got enough to a vault or 2
And know one thing there's a slight chance ull take a loss or 2
Keep your eyes open and ull get all the way to the streets
It's money over everything till u rest in peace
Keep your eyes open and ull get all the way to the streets
It's money over everything till u rest in peace