KMFDM - That's All

Read the vision map the system soon to look into the mind
Rediscover one another from abnormal points in time
Fascination wish a way in to depart before they find
Get defamed in isolation two plus one negative devine

Feed the vicious escalation never felt such close connection
Feel the fever-patch persuasion
News-print news-peak nevermind
Suffocation and delusion from what the angle see the truth in
At an angle point of friction free-fall tip-off destiny

I've got a fistful of money
I'm done with the twist
There's plenty of ways
No way to resist
Every little thing
is gonna be fine
What I like
Is gonna be mine
I've got a fistful of money
I'm high at risk
There's plenty of ways
I couldn't resist
Six billion souls
And one urge to live
I've got a fistful of money
And nothing to give
Free the hostage situation
Taken as a simulation

Never was a war more real taken for a dollar bill
Currency add more corruption added population problem
Feeding hunger starve the weak
News-print news-peak nevermind

Hate in love desert in good favour
Diversification of the current flavour
Speak in tounges like empathy's son
See the soul disengaging the sicker they come

That's all...