Katrina Elam - I Won't Say Goodbye

I won't write a note
That's a coward's way out
I won't bring it up
There's nothing left to talk about
He'll just tell me that love is never perfect
He's so convincing but i've already heard it

I won't draw it out
I won't stop to cry
He may be caught off guard
But he won't be surprised
This is where i usually let him
Change my mind
This time i'm gonna leave
But i won't say goodbye

He knows where i'm weak
And what i can't resist
And how to make me second guess
Conviction like this
So i'll just go on and
Skip to the healing
He won't hear me say it
But he'll know what i was feeling

He'd ask me where i'm headed
But i don't know where i'm going
He'd ask if i still love him
But that's not the point