Fort Minor - All Night

I'm breaking brain cells off at the stem
Your status is stupidier
Ap is a nuclear blast, tar blacker than Lucifer
I consider writing a list of all the shit I would do to you
Head so big I rest my fitting cap on Jupiter
You aint buiolt like this you a soft carbon copy
A carebear compared to a autobot body!
The raps like crack I supply to the blacks
Drop pipes, car mics, say goodbye to your rocks!
Im a mutha fucker star, the staus of John Lennon
You are Orindary People singing to John Legend
Write a track this and that, better X that out
I don't play that, like rap in a redneck's house
I can have your brain cells spinning quicker than Speedwell's
Your female, email and me on your details
I don't dig up dirt, I shake the earth!
And I never say names I wouldn't waste the verse
All for the top Im hot and when they dare me to write
Prepare to carry your mic to a burial site
Im a pioneer fucking up stereotypes
I snatched chains as a kid made you carry your bikes
I got an addiction to spitting shit, its heroin like
Storytellers speak of telling me American plight
Money blows, funny though, it seems embarrassing right?
Rock shows blow the doors on a pair of Air Nikes

Yeah yo you know the rules I cruise with a tough band
You in the fucking closet with brooms and a dustpan
Like clean sweep your fleet body softning and gelling
And now you want a mic, yeah right!
My life and your skeleton dummy
Im in the place you can tell when its bloody
I freaking paid for your face straight
A million of money?
Im ready and willing to watch response seven to flesh?
Lets see if I don't kill him in five seconds or less
I keep coming back like rashes on an infant
You don't want a chance to clash with the maginifcent seven
Of us its heaven but never enough
So I tighten the vice quick so his head will get crushed
Im out of sight now deep in this music
Leaving them upside down feed them for new shit
Ribkat's is the wrong pal to creep in the booth with
Blow a hole in your back just to eat him for soup dish
You bitch!

Yo the Demigodz stand for killers!
More specifically we deadly entertainers, maniac ignorant godzillas and we
Never took the route them other crooks took
Because we kept recipes for human flesh in my mother's cook book!
Your souffled in more ways then ten!
Celph Titled's flow is choking the wind, my favorite past time is soaking in sin!
The most accurate sharp shooter with no scope
Shoot with my left and watch you all die from second hand smoke
Im repping my fans so! You better act cool
My soul will make a Ouiji board jump up and slap you dummy
You not thinking smart!
I bust so many blamers and blinkers that I should start a rock band called Blinking Spark!
Sinking sharks with no harpoons, my arsenal is a sawblade carved in two sliding your coffin through
Apathy is insane and Im the same as my brother
Im like a circus show sniper, I aim for the juggler
Catch a case and before the Judge could slam down the gavel
The whole room ducking and hide from grenade shrapnel
These rap verses I be breezing though
Because IM like a celibant, under oath, un fucking believable!

DemiGodz, Fort Minor

You've heard of us

Styles of Beyond

You've heard of us, the murderous!