Five - Serious

Yeah, (hahahah) yeah, yeah, yeah
Boogie down, boogie down
You gotta get serious
What, what come on

Perplexing as I recks the decks so check the flex poetical sex I bring the
funk to your necks check it
Second time around better than the first, I quench your thirst, my rhymes
fill ya till ya burst

Get serious
Cause we're gonna do for you, you know it's true we got a second album
coming through
Too many people thoght we couldn't go on
But yo, we're still number one see we shine like the sun

Hands up in the air,
Wave 'em like you care
Feel the funky beat
EVerybody on your feet

Get serious
We got it going on tonight
Get serious
Everything will be alright
All I know is true that I wanna be with you
You gotta get serious, serious, serious

Could I be the one that twists thighter than a curl
Coming through from the mist
Check my defenition, rhyme composition
On the double o-5ive mission
With the aim to please any beef with the rod gone fishing
Check if you're down tonight
Put your hands in the air if you feel alright
Got enough for what you need
So get serious Baby please

Hands up in the air,
Wave 'em like you care
Feel the funky beat
Everybody on your feet


Now we've been waiting for so long
Give me a chance to get it through
You are the flavour to my song
That's why I wanna be, wanna be with you

Stop, clear the stage so we can get busy
Open up your mind while I hit you with the nitty gritty
We came to rhyme, we came to get down
Wo when we rock the mike we bring the funk into your town
So I drop a rhyme onto the mike while it's mine then you gotta pass it on
while I rock you with a line
As we hip we hop we're getting others in the run
Flicking switches on the buttom of the mike cause we're done

[Chorus x2]