Filip Jankovič - How Sweet It Was

We used to dance in the rain, all our friend called us insane, we called it love and it would be, someday just a memory, can you forget the bitter end, close your eyes and try to remember when, we were gonna last forever, how sweet it was, when we were in love, when you used to call me baby, and it always made us crazy, everytime we´d touch, oh, how sweet it was, the candles burned ´round the bath, champagne bubbles made us laugh, the stars were bright, music slow, it doesn´t seem that long ago, footprints still in the sand, like the shadow of a ring on your hand, don´t say you don´t remember, every thought of you, was like a dream come true, I guess we never knew, how sweet it was, when it all began, we had heaven in our hands.