Filip Jankovič - Leave Before My Heart Finds Out

I am a stranger in my life,
carried along the tide,
I can see you on the beach,
I smile like a clown through these tears,
happy as anything,
except that you are out of reach,
if you were think someday that we drifted apart, oh that we can´t be saved, then all I´d ask is...,
Leave before my heart finds out, don´t wake me while I´m sleeping, cause´ I could not bear to be without,
that one dream I love dreamin´,
if you must go, there´ll be nothing left to talk about,
so leave before my heart finds out,
why, when you get what you wished for, must you give up so much?

I don´t wanna pay that price, cause´ you are my reason for breathing yeh you,
I wish I could share it all, or should I make the sacrifice?

If you were to feel someday, that it´s time you should go, if you think you´re better off alone...,
if you don´t know taht I love you, and if this is still in doubt, baby, then it´s over, if you can´t tell taht I miss the one that I dream all about, then I feeling much colder, if you must go take the keys,
I´m gonna be without, I gotta forget it...