Field Mob - Sorry Baby

Smell like new money... [laughs]

Shawn Jay's in the house tonight,
Shawn Jay's in the house tonight... Fleetwood!
Chevy P's in the house tonight,
Chevy P's in the house tonight... Dark Brooks!
The Field Mob's in the house tonight,
Field Mob's in the house tonight... This the F.B.I.
We got another one, act your age not your shoe size baby,
Pinky ring, no wedding band!

Im not afraid to say I get around
Its just im much too young to settle down
I got places to go, and people to see, and things to do
I cant be tied down with you... Im sorry baby! (sorry baby)

[Verse 1]
She say that she love me, want me to be her husband
Wanna tie me down, tryna ?? and cuff me
But I cant let her, cause I got a jet to catch
But I told her id be back like ??

Wasnt too convincing, she scared to go with me
Say she be lonesome all alone cuz she miss me
Cries when im leavin, whining and weeping,
But I gotta go before my flight leaves me (leaves me)

Now I could pass you like Grey Poupon
Or you could wait on me shawty I wont take too long
Give a nigga some space, or baby move on
Cuz like a Chinese name im too young (ha ha)


[Verse 2]
Now soon as they see the Field Mob ??, chicks be tryna hizzang,
I aint Keith Murray but she so star struck,
(?Pretty?Eddie?) fix your ego
Spit on a bitch down sit on my dick
If a face ?? complain I stay gone
Every message sound sad like a ?? song

The wood good like the Bentley interior
Get your man he a couple inches inferior
She dick-??, violent too
Talk shit I let you go like a silent poo
Smelling me good, tryna have some f-u-n
If you aint bout that.. F you then! (move on!)

I'm too young for relationships, so many parties, so many chicks, I dont mean to be a playa, but I gotta do my thaaang