Fantasia Barrino - Don't Act Right

[Jazze Pha:]
Whoa, I no you, Fanstasia! 26's on the hummer girl ever seen those, til you
Seen my closet you aint never seen clothes. 3 quarter minks to canary minks stole when a time
Stay in and out of these stores (Ladies & Gentleman)

Phinzle Fantasia (off the chain) Sho'nuff sound made ya (aint it made) girl u the greatest
(do ya thang) it's so contagious (shorty sang)

Baby we need to talk, not tryna start a fight but something with us is wrong
You can not deny it please forgive me for sayin but I'm feelin like my heart aint in it lately its
Gon hurt but i gotta tell you

Baby its (ridiculous), why we (dont talk that much), and i love much and i'll give you
All i got. I'm in your corner but ya (Don't Act Right) I'm tryna love you but ya
(Don't Act Right) Baby please tell me when ya
(Don't Act Right) Cause every other day u (Don't Act Right)

Whatever it is let's put it to rest (let's put it to rest) Because I'm flat out,
Tired and burn out from all the stress u give me you no u aint never had a woman better but you
No whenever you do these things to you i wish you would come out and tell me what did i do to
You (to you) like i was so bad (made you) made you forget all the times i stood by your side baby
I'm really really second guessing (the conversation) and on top of that your (hesitation) when i
Say how i love you and you can't seem to (find the words)


[Bridge - Fantasia (Jazze Pha)]
Slow Down (whoa, whoa, whoa)
Baby can we please just work it out (work it out girl)
All I want to do is talk it out
(talk it out girl) I promise we don't have to duke it out sooo repeat bridge

[Jazze Pha:]
J to the a-z-z to the e think I dont love you we finna see girl you the
Truth me ima sad one we a good love this such a average i no ya sensitive i understand you baby
Girl yes, yes I'm ya man no i aint come here to argue or hurt you yes show love like a that father
Birth you so so into you aint aint gotta cheat everything i want everything i need girl u my idol
Had to lace ya we a good love Phinzle


[Jazze Pha (Fantasia)]
Uuhh Fantasia sing it Baby (yeahhhhh)
Let's go hey Let's go Ladies & Gentlemen Ladies & Gentlemen you are now tuned in to the best
Phizzle a Jazze Phizzle Productshizzle (oohhhh) Phizzle Phizzle Phizzle Phizzle Phizzle whoa