Fantasia Barrino - Who's Been Lovin' You

Red Eye Flight you just touched down
With no hellos and no one's there to greet you with a smile
Driving down the road you're homeward bound (yeah)
Well baby home is where the heart is
And that's what hurts the hardest (yeah, yeah)

Who gone warm up your pillow
Who gone cook you your dinner and say damn I missed ya babe
Who's been lovin' you
Who's gonna hold your hand and kiss your face
Like I used to do, oh baby
Who's been lovin' you
Tell me who's been there to hold and comfort you
Like I do, like I do, like I do
Been lovin' you
Like I do, like I do, like I do
Been lovin' you like I do

You spend your nights alone, your bed is cold
Your soul it aches, your heart it breaks and no one even knows
And it's like you're at an all time low (yeah yeah)
Still got the pictures up and it's so tough

Time to let it go

[Repeat Chorus]

Cause I can be the raindrops on your window
And I can be right there when clouds are gone
Love to the rescue I'm your hero
Rest inside me I'm gone keep you warm

[Repeat Chorus]