Fantasia Barrino - I Nominate U

I been thinking bout this
All day long
Cant believe how I'm gone
And my minds blown off of you
I'm anticipating (oh)
When you're coming home (oh)
See tonight were bout to try out something new

(Something sexy baby)
I was thinking role play if you're ready, boy get ready
(Lets see you be Denzel)
Its your training day boy come and get me, are you with me

Lets keep the lights on cause tonight I wanna watch you perform
(Watch ya perform Let me see what cha got for yo girl now baby)
When I turn you on you steal the show boy you should get an award
(As a matter a fact boy ya' know that I do)
I nominate u
Cant no other brother put that thing down like you do
Ain't no other way to say it baby you're the truth
Keep doing what you do
I'm nominating u
I nominate u
For the best kissing and love scene
For the best sequel that I've seen
You know what I mean boy you're the truth
Keep doing what you do
I'm nominating u

Boy you keep my attention
You make me stay tuned
And now all I ever wanna do Is keep on watching you
I like how ya do it
When you make it move
You make my body react,
Wanna run it back,
One on one with you

(When were alone the)
Only sound youre hear is me say ooooh, oooh
(Wont be talking, no more)
Only love making from there boy that's the RULES


He keeps it real with me he aint gotta front man
Don't need no body double he does his own stunts man
Scream action in the bedroom
And he keeps jumping
Soon as I yell cut
He wraps it up
And theres no...