Evans Blue - Eclipsed

We love our tragedies.
We're both broken in our own little ways
We're broken, but we fit together just right
You know I saw the black inside your eyes
I saw they were eclipsed by mine and they looked just right.

When our lips meet, will you know me then
And will you want to know it?
It feels like I've known you for so long.
When our lips meet, will you love me then
and will you ever know it?
It seems like you've known me for so long.

I love your analogies.
We're both crazy in our own little ways
We talk about the future and our past lives.
I know I loved you then.
I know I'd love you now.
I know I'll love you then.
I know I love you now.


But you can't have everything you want when you want it.
I will be everything you want, when you want it.

Wait for me. Trust for me.
Fall for me. Even when you don't know you're falling for me.
Will you fall for it? If it should, it'll come around again.
But don't wait for me. And don't trust in me. Don't fall me.
Even when you know you're falling for me.


When our hearts meet, will we make it then.
Will we even notice that they are eclipsed?