Erick Sermon - I'm That Nigga

This is a world, world, world, world world world
Premier, premier, premier, premier

[Erick Sermon]
Yo, yeah, Def Squad baby, what?
2002, yeah
Hip-Hop, only, nuttin commercial 'bout this

Yo, I'm Moses the Lawgiver
Let's suppose I flow like the river when I deliver
Sssssss - poison snake, words that quiver
Yep the face Michael saw was me up in the mirror, boo
Stand clear when the E is rappin
Like, Martin and D, "What's the Worst Can Happen?"
Brooklyn can start cappin, Uptown can start robbin
Bronx can tell the tale, and start back mobbin
Queens, gangsta lean with green
Word to Shaolin, I represent for Long Island
Brand new with revenue my crew puts it down
I'm the man you never knew, who holds the crown
I'm the KING - psych, that's Run and D
I ruled everything from eighty-eight to ninety-three
My Squad ruled after me, mo' better
Then the game locked me down like Nelson Mandela
Now I'm back with a vengeance like who killed my father
in some karate flick, with a roundhouse kick
I'm built for this shit like the pyramids in Egypt
I'm so cold I touch hot water and freeze it
E I rock with the blood of Jesus
Cover my body my technique is MURDA, Irv Gotti
This lyrical seminar got my signature
written in black, gangsta what the hell you think?
Def Squad baby baby, +Double Trouble+ "Wild Style"
My gun goes - BLAOW BLAOW - soundin like an M-80
And those comin for mine without consent
leave you bent like a block of hash from Ken's stash
I'm important to rap like Grandmaster Flash
I'm the reason why Benz made the E-Class
Kiss my ass, y'all just communists
Got the Soviet Union bombin this

Yo I use my real name - cause I'm that nigga
Thirteen years in the game - cause I'm that nigga
Yo I still rock the same - cause I'm that nigga
Uh-huh, I rap insane - cause I'm that nigga
Aiyyo don't mess around - cause I'm that nigga
Huh, I bring it to your town - cause I'm that nigga
Blow a pound with the windows down - cause I'm that nigga
Yo I'm straight underground - cause I'm that nigga

[Erick Sermon]
Yo the rap male (?), the highest priest
Step into the club, niggaz be like "PEACE!"
I got respect, every time I hit the street
If you don't like me - good, fuck with the beat
Yo, he'll hang witcha, and do his thang witcha
Blast him loud as hell, he'll bang witcha
That's my nigga, we get down from "How High"
to "Get Lifted", down to "Golddigger"
Yo, I am that monumental
The rap superstar with mad credentials
Yo, I rip over instrumentals
to make you squint your eyes like orientals
A, high school diploma, mastered the art of music
It's my title, doma
That's spanish for "gimme that" for those wondering
When I speak, lightning and thundering, uh
Me and Redman be up in Hell's Kitchen daily
I see a few rap cats around there barely
Scared to get out the car
While I keep it real like Buckwild and Star baby pah
Def Squad be the best by far
I rock New York then Motown like (?)
Yup, my name rings bells (bells)
This year I'm confident so yo homes watch the sales

[radio static]