Erick Sermon - Do It Up

[Erick Sermon]
Check it out
I pull up to your bumper, with somethin funky
Yeah, somethin stronger than brass monkey
With the flavor I be kickin, dope
Like my horoscope, a Sagittarius, no joke
Word, the rappin dynamite, quick to blow like Mike
Who am I? (E.D.) Right, right
Can you believe it, even Stevie Wonder couldn't see it
I'm catchin wreck so beat it
Yo I contour my lines, to freak a funky rhyme
to fit you like a pair of Calvin Kleins
Mad brother with distinction, keep the girls blinkin
and have the homeboys thinkin
I'm the man of hour, of the hour
I found He-Man, jacked him for his power (gimme that)
Now I carry a sword, attached by a live cord
Oh my lord!

[Chorus: Erick Sermon x4]

Watch me do it up like this.. [Slick Rick: "like this.."]
Watch me do it up like that.. [Slick Rick: "like.. like.."]

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, E's real dope (word?) Yes indeed
No one can stop me, ask Apollo Creed
I pack a punch cause my crew runs deep
like the Brady Bunch, and we all smoke the blunts
(Word em up now) I get raw, raw like a fish market
Mics I spark it, with the funky target
You must trust me, and stop tryin to bug me
with the one-two, before I rush you and crush you
I'm on a mission, like a church group called Commission
Word-gifted, keep the crowd uplifted (yea yea)
E Double, a nigga standin tall
Rockin the microphone "for all of y'all"
Word up, live on your station
Gettin mad crowd participation, when I'm rockin the nation
Don't forget, I'm still cock diesel
Hoes be on me like the measles


[Erick Sermon]
Oh no it's the _End of the Road_
Oh my God like Wanye, today was a good day
Word, ooh yah, I rip the mic to shreds
Enough lyrical food to keep the Ethiopians fed
Word em up [pulls on a joint] I inhale
from the K.D. Posse, two of my homegirls
When I rock the mic and get freaky and nasty
People in the industry seldom ask me
Whassup, whassup, whassup
wit you E, ask Eddie Murphy (yea yea)
Don't forget, to reach for the stars
Cause I'm past that, I'm reachin for Mars, so
peace to all those true human beings
Hehehehe, I see you in the coliseums


[Run of Run-D.M.C.] "This is MY MOTHERFUCKIN HOUSE!!"
[Run of Run-D.M.C.] "This is MY MOTHERFUCKIN HOUSE!!"
[Run of Run-D.M.C.] "This is MY MOTHERFUCKIN HOUSE!!"
[Run of Run-D.M.C.] "This is MY MOTHERFUCKIN HOUSE!!"