Eric Benet - Never Want To Live Without You

I know to have a heart that love couldn't find
I used to come and go no matter what I left behind
But now somehow I'm grown to see the world through brand new eyes
A better world that you showed to me
When you were gone
Felt like the stars were pointless to shine
And my days dragged on
Without a cause or reason to find babe
I'm on my own
I'm just a lonely waste of time
That should be spent with you faithfully

So I never wanna live without you
Never gonna live without you
I never wanna live without you
Never wanna live
Cause you're the biggest part of my life
All of my world is built around you

Never make it through without you
All the love you bring to me

I was blind
Such a fool but now I see
Just hold my hand
Wherever we are it's all me
And now the second chance to start a life and family
I thank the Lord and you for this gift to me


Thank you for the love
When you knew I was wrong
Thank you for the chance
To run back to your arms
Where I belong
I don't need to see
What is there on the other side
Cause you are my love
My life
Until the day I die