Eluveitie - Tarvos

In a virgin world primeval A newborn bullcalf emerged Wondrous and celestial Three cranes to be its witness and droves Its honour mantled the face of the earth A blessing unleashed to the earth Unseathed the embodiment of life Tarvos - the embodiment of life Tarvos - the genesis of time The earthy heathlands roamed by esus Questing condign sacrifice A divine yearning hushed by the prodigy Three cranes to wake up the slumbering taur To warn him 'gainst the imminence of a huntergod ravenous "A drawn struggle through innominate days As ultimately the sword of esus Pierced the bulls heart Three cranes to lament as its blood laves Creation wept under an eclipsing sun As gloom descended upon world Three cranes to catch a drop of blood And leave far away..." A blessing depraved from the world As snow fell for the first time on earth Three cranes returned Pouring out the blood To the ground of tarvos' death And out of nothing The soil sacrified, the divine bull was reborn Under a newborn sun nature rejoiced Thus spring came back on earth Overcame the brumal reign Through esus came back To fell the bull, the eternal cycle has begun Tarvos - will always be slain Tarvos - ever to be reborn again