Daniel Landa - Eurosong

Hello europian people, I am Daniel from Praga,
Bohemian son of Vyšehrad, I am just asking like a small child
Where is my home? I am just asking where is my identity
Who am I. I am lost.
Sorry for my english is not good I am born in Czech.
You now Czech republic, my friend?

Hello german people I am Daniel from Praga.
Coca cola Berlin, Škoda revolucion.
Junge Menschen Hip-Hop, understanding english
Multikulti national, I am crazy joint

Hello people Italiano, McDonald di Roma!
searching for my home, European Union.
sorry for my english, I am czecho brother.
I am searching for my home, European union.

Hello Polish people I am Daniel from Praga,
One, two of Nokia, ješče nezgyněla
Big Mac I am very happy like my Polish brother
Love story in hypermarket, Sony, Jogobella.
La bella jogobella

Bonjour French people, I am Daniel from Praga
I know Peugeot Brno, you know, everybody peace.
Your politic loves you, my politic loves me
suburban of Paris, make now cheese.

Hello European people I am Daniel of Česko
One land now yes happy clappy passport
Visacard of Banking, SONY, Euro, Tesco
neonazi antifa twins, police people sport

Hello my European brother,
We are one land, I know you and you know me now.
I am Daniel from Praga this is just a song it is not fire to your head.
Its just a question, just an imagination. Like a child. Sorry for my bad english

European mango, american tango.

Helou speaking Vyšehrad sexy in the night..
I'm like the chicken kitchen Praga Vietnam hole.
Don´t say no! Pepsi Cola light.
European union european soul