Airfare - Jailbird

If things don't slowdown, well then baby, I don't know what I'll do with all the spare time that I've had lately.
Don't you wanna go down by the dockside? We'll have a little walk alone.
I'll hit you with a cheap smile before I hesitate.
Where would you take me if I let you, you wanna know. But I'll never tell you, that's a secret.
I really gotta know where do you get your radiance from? And all the pretty things that come out of you.
Please bring me my angel said the jailbird. You bring me my angel to love and to hold.
This town is so fucked but I'ma lap up all you got. Yes, I'ma call the locksmith to break me out. Cause I'm a jailbird, you won't break me out. You can't let me inside of your world.