Aaron Pritchett - Eighteen

hat’s a death-deying walk she’s got
Dancing to the parking lot… oooo 18

What she does to t-shirts
Sure do make my eyes hurt… ooo, 18

Somebody ought to write a song about ut so I did
Makes me wish I was a kid again… 18

We were made out of asbestos
Dairy Queen for breakfast at 18… 18

Rock and roll was king
and cars were everything at 18… 18
Nobody could have told us anything and if they tried
It gave us something to fight about at 18

Blue jeans, young hearts knockin out big dreams
You and me work wer’re burning like gasoline
It’s amazing that we ever lived past… 18

Shooting city limit signs
Chasing girls and wasting time… ooo, 18
Pretending we were tough
Telling stories that we made up… ooo, 18

Dressing like the pictures hanging in our bedroom
We tore out of a magazine… at 18


Cruisin in convertables, completely indestructible
We were hookin up and hangin out
Believing what we sang about… 18
Kroeger on a Friday night, making circles out of headlights
Yeah it felt so good being alive… 18